Your health.

Your clinical and pharmacological history collected in a simple and complete way.
Your experience and your suffering can be useful to know something more.
When the context is complicated, even a little detail can do the difference!

We take an interest in everything.

Every document you have, don't neglect it.
In you can load all: from a blood test
to an electromyography, from an X-ray to a biopsy.

All the drugs.

All the drugs that you take, the interval between the administrations
as well as the dose are important information.
Note them meticulously to find the dose and the perfect timing.


Every symptom you feel note it down.
Later we'll decided if it's a relevant symptom or not.

The surveys.

Do you have pathologies that need a check-up every day and many times a day?
It isn't a problem. We can manage all the surveys of the blood pressure and the glycaemia.

How do you feel. Day by day.

Three simple and intuitive smiles to mean how do you fell.
The green smile means that you feel good.
The red smile means that it's a bad day.
The yellow smile means that you feel so and so.
Pay attention: don't let your mood decide!

Your story.

Your clinical history, your sufferings, your emotions.
You can keep them inside or you can share them with us.

Knowing more.

Every patient has his clinical history.
Probably, putting together many stories make emerge evidences.
The first step is to collect with organisation your clinical history.